Rosy Blood Orange+Berries Chia Pudding

Yield 1 serving

1 serving

Place honey, vanilla extract, milk of choice in a mason jar, tighten with lid and shake well. Refrigerate overnight.

Prior to eating make orange supremes. Basically, orange slices without membrane or pith. Begin with slicing off the top and bottom of the citrus fruit. With the cut flat side on the cutting board, take a pairing knife and slowly cut from the top cut side along the outer side of citrus. You want to stay just at the outer edge of the flesh of the fruit. Continue this method all around till membrane is removed. Then flip the fruit on the side and slice into 1.4-inch slices. Using a sharp knife is important when slicing so you don't squish the pretty citrus. Mound and set your slices aside in a shallow bowl.

Wash a handful of blackberries and add to bowl with blood orange supremes. Sparingly, add a dash or two of rose water to the blood orange and berries. Toss lightly, and set aside to soak in the rose water for 5 minutes.

Stir chia pudding and spoon into a small serving dish. Layer your rose soaked fruit onto the chia pudding and enjoy!

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Cuisine American

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